UNITED KINGDOM: Deepening global recession sends RICH men in UK rushing to divorce their wives

According to Jerome Taylor in UK’s Independent news column, wealthy men in Britain are rushing to divorce their wives in the economic downturn. These men see opportunity like never before to get out of an unhappy marriage with a lower settlement than they normally would have to pay out. Some are even engaging in “divorce tourism” which essentially means that instead of filing for divorce in England, they file in Scotland which has even more favorable divorce laws for the monied spouse. In the report, the author claims that British lawyers are seeing an “unprecedented” number of divorce filings which may be attributable to the recession.
I suspect the same may be true here in the U.S. this may not be the year for the trophy wive to seek a divorce but certainly the husband of the trophy wife who’s been miserable all these years, may see the best opening he’s going to get, to get out of the marriage without being taken to the cleaners.
For those less affluent couples, however, this is turning out to be the least auspicious time to file for divorce, as it is increasingly difficult to get a good deal on the marital residence–often the main assets of middle to low income couples.
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