Ending a toxic marriage

How can you tell if your marriage is toxic? Outsiders looking in may think they know what is best for your marriage and may give you advice about your marriage but do they really know what is best for you? One person’s toxicity is another person’s water under the bridge. Look at Kathie Lee Gifford and Frank Gifford. If she had followed public sentiment, she may have divorced Frank Gifford years ago. Remember how he allowed himself to be seduced by this flight attendant named Suzen Johnson?  
For many women, this would be a deal breaker. This would be a marriage that was not salvageable. This would be a totally toxic situation. But Kathie Lee didn’t think so. Yes, her husband had  cheated. But she did not think the marriage was so “toxic’ that she had to end it. She worked on her marriage instead. She nurtured it, and she has even said lately that it was “hard work” but she worked past it.
So, what is the takeaway? Well, first deciding what is toxic? What does it mean to you personally? Then, deciding whether your marriage has reached that threshold. If it has, then by all means, end the marriage. But if it is salvageable, by all means, follow Kathie Lee.