Did you make these mistakes in your divorce case?

13 mistakes to avoid in a divorce
1) Rushing to file divorce if you are unsure
2) Not being thorough enough in your complaint that is filed with the court
3) Not signing the complaint and verification
4) Not asking for all the relief you want such as custody and equitable distribution and support.
5) Lying in the complaint
6) Moving out of the marital residence if you want exclusive occupancy while the divorce is pending.
7) Picking a lawyer you are incompatible with (such as one who doesn’t listen to your position, return your calls, sucks up to opposing counsel to your detriment, doesn’t respond to motions and petitions from the other side…)
8) Lowballing yourself
9) Going to trial if the issues are unwinnable and should and can be settled
10) failing to complete the discovery process so that you can really make an informed offer to the other side.
11) antagonizing the judge
12) Not getting enough information
13) using the kids as pawns