Did your spouse use GPS to set you up for divorce?

Michael Strahan spies on Nicole Murphy with GPS. Is your spouse spying on you?
This story is at once disturbing and funny to think that a person’s spouse or significant other could do something like this. I say funny because I was just reading the story of ex-Giant Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s ex). Apparently Nicole and Michael have been dating for some time and he grew suspicious that she was up to some shenanigans and so he took it upon himself to hardwire her car with a GPS system that tracked her every move. For some reason, it made me chuckle. I took one look at the “gap-touthed” sports star with his hand on the beauty’s buttocks (in a newspaper pic) and I just chuckled. I couldn’t help it. 
I am sure that relationship is over between Strahan and Murphy to be serious, though. I mean, that would be a deal  breaker for moi.  This idea of my spouse or significant other secretly surveilling me like this? Spying on me? Tracking my every move? That is creepy! That is really, really creepy, Mr. Strahan and I would be bewildered if Nicole stayed with you. You deserve your walking papers, forthwith, darling. I mean, it would be like, “how many ways can I spell OVER?”
But it is not illegal if the person who puts the GPS on the vehicle owns the car. Keep that in mind. He did not break the law if the car is his.
I was amused by the Strahan/Murphy story as I said but I am disturbed by the implications in a broader context. There is something wrong with this. Really wrong. Obviously, the technology is here and it is only going to get better, and technology is good, blah, blah, blah. But where is this world heading? Where are we heading? Where are we heading when we start to use technology in a way that completely violates another person’s privacy and trust? How do you trust a spouse who would secretly put a GPS on your car? What kind of spouse would do this? And if a spouse so distrusts another that putting a GPS on a vehicle becomes necessary, such that he or she can track the other spouse on the Internet 24/7 and receive text message updates of all their stops and goes, then is this a healthy relationship?  Is this viable? Do you want to be with someone who would do this or who you feel you have to do this to?