MUNICH, GERMANY: Helg Sgarbi "Swiss Gigolo" jailed for blackmailing married German billionaire heiress Susanne Klatten

MUNICH GERMANY: BMW heiress Suzanne Klatten is relieved now that the German court has sentenced her lover Helg Sgarbi to prison for six years. Suzanne was apparently and allegedly and reportedly ensconced in an adulterous liaison with Helg and he was busy recording their trysts on video (well, a buddy of Helg was doing it from another room) and then he tried to blackmail her for millions of Euros under threat of telling her husband that she was fooling around with him (Helg) behind his (Suzanne’s husband’s) back.
Suzie had already given Helg $9 million Euros when he came back for more, the greedy pig. He was greedy; and clumsily so, and finally Suzanne was able to turn him into the police and get him arrested. Yuck. Can you imagine him pretending to love her yet all the time he had his male buddy secretly taping her in hotel rooms? Ew. Be wary of men with very “close heterosexual buddies” who try to hit on you with their buddies in tow. It always signalled bad, bad news.
No word on what the state of her marriage is at this point. Her husband Jan Klatten hasn’t said a word. I predict that marriage will implode in under six months. Men usually can’t handle that kind of truth. It’s like Guy Ritchie and Madonna. There were all these allegations about Madonna with Alex Rodriguez and Guy obviously did not believe it–because it was probably untrue. Still, it took a toll on the marriage. It wasn’t long after that before Guy asked for a divorce. It may have been “emotionally retarded” of him not to give the marriage a chance in spite of that. But men can’t typically handle the truth of their wives bonking another man. That is usually a dealbreaker. So I am sure that Jan will be having a sit down with Suzanne when the storm blows over and they will come to a quick, quiet settlement and call it a day.
Suzanne is supposedly the richest woman in Germany. Germany is supposed to be an equitable distribution scheme, I think. Well, no. It might be more community property. But I am certain whatever it is, Jan won’t come out of this destitute. If he wants out.
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