Divorce D.C. style

By and large, D.C. husbands are like priests, except when it comes to bonking their wives. At least on the surface. They are very pious, upstanding family men–these political cognoscentis. Which might explain why D.C. has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country. That’s probably why when a sex scandal hits in D.C., it is tremendous. (Bill Clinton sure did give the place a volcanic shake up with the reported romp with his intern Miss Lewinsky, didn’t he?)
Politics and adultery–at least, traditionally–do not mesh. And the stats support this assertion because as I said, D.C. marriages don’t end in divorce all that often. The political marriage is a special animal, no doubt about it. I might have said it in my post “How to divorce a politician,” which you can read here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/how-to-divorce-a-politician and that is more true than ever with the loved up Obamas in the center of things. At first blush, I don’t anticipate a whole lot of divorces going down on President Obama’s watch.
But. Let’s face it. Washington has been younged up in recent years. The power differential has shifted to a demographic of men who are younger than their predecessors, full of testosterone, power struck, and not totally averse to risque behavior. On top of that, ELLIOTT SPITZER has just rolled into town. He just bought an office building just a few short blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. http://www.divorcesaloon.com/elliott-spitzers-recently-acquired-building-near-dc-mayflower-hotel-fair-game-if-he-divorces I suspect he’s got ulterior motives, like rebuilding a smashed up political career, and I can totally see him pulling off the presidency in a few years after he’s made a name for himself rubbing shoulders with all the right people in D.C.
Notwithstanding how his elegant, forgiving wife Silda handled the Mayflower tryst however, you do have to wonder will they will survive the new D.C.?
With the cataclysmic collapse of Wall Street as we know it, I am predicting that the real power brokers in America will be heavily concentrated in D.C. at least for the next four years. That is going to mean that women/trophy wife wannabes are going to be on the prowl like never before. It is not going to be the same frumpy town where women allowed themselves to be fat, gray and rotund. And I say that with all due respect. I mean, look at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who has something like five kids and is probably over 50. Look how sexy she looked next to Brad Pitt walking through Capitol Hill? She knows that the competition is fierce and she is going to look good for her job and for her relationship and so are all the other women in that town–those with husbands and those without.
That is going to mean that there are probably going to be an increase in divorces in D.C. notwithstanding what I said earlier. It’s not going to be business as usual where wives look the other way when their husbands little trysts get leaked to the press. The “other women” are going to apply more pressure to the husbands to leave. And because the husbands are younger ( I really feel that people under 50 are less inclined to live by the credo “till death do us part” than older folks) there are likely to be more divorces. I wouldn’t be surprised if in four years time, D.C. has surpassed New York as having one of the top divorce rates in the world!