Susanne Quandt Klatten Divorce: BMW heiress' marriage in trouble

Is Susanne Quandt Klatten’s marriage over?
Billionaire BMW heiress Susanne Klatten is sleeping a little bit better now that scam artist attorney Helg Sgarbi, her former lover, is behind bars for blackmail. But how will her marriage to Jan Klatten survive this scandal?
Susanne and Helg were engrossed in an affair that involved numerous trysts in some of Europe’s top hotels, including, allegedly, the Hotel Lanserhof, a healing/anti-aging spa in Austria described as “one of the top destination spas in the world.” It was while at a hotel that Helg had one of his friends, an alleged cult leader by the name of Ernano Barretta according to media reports, film Helg and Susanne in an adjoining room making love. And it was with this video that Helg threatened Susanne. He told her if she did not give him several million Euros, he would release the tapes to her husband, her associates and the press.
Susanne, a media shy philanthropist gave one of her few interviews last year about the matter: “There was a moment of clarity: You’re a victim and you have to fight back,” Klatten reportedly told the Financial Times Deutschland in an interview late last year. And it was right then she decided to report him to the police. Now the former Credit Swisse employee and ATTORNEY with a history of seductions of women in old world European countries including Switzerland and Austria, is behind bars for six years.
But this can’t be good for the Klattens’ marriage. Susanne and Jan were are real love story. They reportedly met in United Kingdom at Buckingham University. They’ve been married since 1990 and have three kids. Susanne didn’t even tell Jan about her true identity as a member of Germany’s richest family until he had proposed. So you know that Jan was not in it for the money like Helg. He must be heartbroken and eventually, as I said in an earlier post, his heartbreak is going to get the better of him and the marriage will likely crack up. And for what? A scam artist. A swindler. A pig who would have his friend video-tape him and his girlfriend making love in a hotel room.
It’s a shame.