VEGAS — The gag order and your divorce: A look at Steve and Elaine Wynn's divorce

Steve Wynn and Elaine Wynn file for divorce: It’s official.
Only rich, VIP types need gag orders when they get divorced. And that is why Steve and Elaine Wynn are VIPs. Because even though they reportedly officially filed for divorce today according to the AP and other reports, the public will probably never hear the details because the judge sealed the file, and usually with a sealed file, the judge will also issue a gag order.
Boy. I guess Andrea Hissom must be really good at something. She is reportedly behind the split. Although, who knows? Steve reportedly can barely see, so you can be sure he wasn’t bowled over by her beauty. But she has a great accent since she is English. And who knows what else he liked so much? Maybe she cooked well. Maybe she made a really mean chicken salad. What else was she good at? Better at than Elaine? I wonder…
In any event, as I have said in all the other Wynn posts on this blog, Vegas is a community property town and with a marriage as long as this, Elaine is looking at half his assets. Easy.
I hope they part amicably and that this doesn’t become this vitriolic, messy split. I am sure there are myriad things either one could use as their casus belli for a public meltdown. But it’s not even worth it. It’s not.  Just let go and move on guys. There really is life after divorce. I still think you should go on a divorce honey-moon though. I think you should end this marriage lovingly. You’ve been together for so long and it would be so sad to have anything less than a loving divorce. Check out this post