The Wall Street Divorce Handbook (Outline)

Wall Street wives and husbands need a divorce guide.
I’ve decided.
So I’ve been working on a handbook and I wanted to share the outline of it. If you are a Wall Street husband or wife, you should take note. Here is my rough outline of a divorce handbook for Wall Street husbands and wives:
Chapter One: The prenup – can it be set aside?
Chapter Two: Grounds – Whose fault is it? Was it egregious?
Chapter Three: Children – who should get custody?
Chapter Four: Child support considerations (private school vs. public; college; add ons)
Chapter Five:  Real Property – location, title, FMV, Equity, Taxes, fraudulent conveyances
Chapter Six: Bank Accounts – location, title, balance, source of income, off-shore banking, fraud
Chapter Seven: Securities – Stocks, bonds, futures, gold, hedge funds, CD’s, ponzi schemes
Chapter Eight: Who owns the artwork and vacant ocean front lot? A look at the CEO dilemma.
Chapter Nine: Alimony, maintenance, property settlement
Chapter Ten: Should you settle or go to war?
Chapter Eleven: Impact of spouse’s fraud on property settlement, post judgment
Chapter Twelve:  SEC concerns
Chapter Thirteen: Case-study of recent Wall Street scandals and how it could impact your divorce.
Chapter Fourteen: The asset freeze: How to protect yourself.
If you can think of any other issues I should discuss in my handbook, please send me an email or comment on this post. Thanks.