VEGAS: Elaine Wynn divorce updates: Will she re-marry Steve Wynn a third time?

La Troisieme marriage for Steve and Elaine Wynn?
Nothing against Andrea Hissom, Steve Wynn’s reported new love, but what are the chances that the soon to be divorced Wynns will re-marry a third time after Steve and Andrea tire of each other? I mean, Andrea is 20 years younger than Elaine and likely has a ton more energy. So keeping up with her will likely either exhaust Steve, or bring him to the brink of death…well, maybe that was inappropriate. But Steve is advancing in age, 67 years old. And he’s got sight problems. Andrea is in her 40’s. Everybody knows that 40 is the new 30 and these forty-somethings are full of energy and all. So I am just surmising that, well, she might be too much for him and he will go crawling back to his more age-appropriate wife. And re-marry her a third time. And they say third time is a charm and all…Wow. I still can’t believe the Wynns are getting divorced. I wonder who asked for the divorce? Boy, if it was Steve, it must have been rough for Elaine to swallow that pill. It must have been rough.
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