FORBES: World’s billionaires lose their net worth, will their marriages follow?

According to a Forbes report, the world’s billionaires have been taking a flogging and fully 355 of them couldn’t get off the ropes when the pounding was done. So now they are ex billionaires. In fact, there are now only 793 billionaires in the world, down from 1125. Among the beaten, of course, is R. Allen Stanford whom we’ve posted on quite a bit on Divorce Saloon. Check out all posts Standford here: He is not only facing fraud charges, and he is not only no longer a billionaire, but he is also set to lose his wife Susan Stanford too, as their divorce is proceeding in the Texas Supreme Court as we speak…
Bill and Melinda Gates are now the richest people in the world and so far they are hanging on to their marriage. So are Warren and Astrid Buffet who slipped back to number two after losing about $25 billion in this cruel recession. The third richest, Carlos Slim, is a widower and he has also lost $25 billion, btw. But one has to wonder if things get significantly worse if some of these stronghold marriages won’t implode under the financial stresses? Even Michael Eisner and his wife Jane Breckenridge are off the list and now are mere millionaires. And what about the Facebook guy? The 24 year old what’s his face? Zuckerberg something. Is he married? Probably not yet and it’s a good thing cause he’s now just a millionaire too. But how will the married billionaires cope with this demotion in their status as the world’s richest? Will their marriage survive? Or did they marry for love?
Unlike most billionaires, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg increased his wealth from $11 billion to $16 billion according to the same Forbes article. He is not married, though. He divorced his wife Susan Brown back in 1993 and he has a consort/girlfriend who keeps a very low profile and so I am not even sure what her name is. But she might want to pull and Astrid Buffet and get her ring soon, before the man pulls a Donald Trump and gets a younger babe.
Speaking of Donald Trump. He was worth about $2-3 billion before the recession but has already filed chapter 11 on his entertainment/casino business this year. But the article did not indicate if he is still on the list or off. My suspicion is, if he was off, they would have been gleeful to say so. So he is probably still on. But it can’t be an easy time for the Donald. I just read that he and his creditors have called a truce and have “stayed” their lawsuits against each other. So that is optimistic. And I am sure, that of all the billionaires, his marriage to Melania is solid and most in tact.
I must say one thing about most of these billionaires. They tend to have very stable marriages. They don’t tend to get divorced at the drop of a hat like the nouveau riche millionaires. But in this, the Great Recession, who knows what will happen? If things get much worse I wouldn’t be surprised if things started to crack up for more of these marriages.
But you can be sure they won’t be taken to the cleaners. These guys make sure to get air tight prenups before they sign on the dotted line.