GUILTY! JAIL! Madoff enters guilty plea and is carted off to jail. Can Ruth sue her husband for wasting marital assets?

Bernard Madoff pleads guilty AND SENT TO JAIL!!! What will Ruth do now?
Well, I guess Ira-genie-in-a-bottle-Sorkin couldn’t pull this one off. He just handed his client over the the feds, hook, line and sinker. My God. Wasn’t there anything he could have done but this? He let his client plead guilty to EVERYTHING. I expected Ira Sorkin to work a miracle here. I am just a naive divorce attorney. What do I know about white collar crime. But I don’t see what the lawyer has done for the client if the client just pleads guilty to everything. Was there a deal? What did he get for pleading guilty?
And what about Ruth? I did all these posts about her and that marriage and what are her property rights after this fiasco. Last night I read an article on where they were suggesting that Ruth divorce him. I don’t know what that will achieve, frankly. But I was wondering, can she sue him for marital waste? Can she say he dissipated the marital assets with his ponzi scheme? And, I mean, even if she won this untenable argument, where does it leave her? Does she get a portion of the assets? Does she get her apartment? Does she get the $65 million? I don’t know. But I think my argument about constructive trust/innocent spouse is a good idea. I think a more seasoned lawyer can take that and run with it because it is her only wiggle room here. I don’t see how divorce helps. But she can wiggle out of this possibly hang on to her apartment/jewelry/cash with a constructive trust/innocent spouse argument….but don’t quote me on this cause I’ve never had a case like this and I really don’t have a clue what the hell Ruth should do. I’m just scared for her. And her sons. I think the Feds will be coming back to get them.