Daddy dearest fathers six kids with his daughter but takes “legal” custody of three
Bizarre story coming out of Austria about a man named Josef Fritzl who kept his daughter in a moldy smelly dungeon under his home for decades, against her will, raped her repeatedly, impregnated her seven times and caused one of the babies to die by failing to get medical assistance. The man has pleaded guilty to incest since the DNA evidence overwhelming shows the kids are his; he also pleaded guilty to false imprisonment. But he has pleaded not guilty to murder and coercion. Interestingly, the man took 3 of the kids to live with him upstairs with his wife (the girl’s mother?) but left the other three in the dungeon with his daughter. No explanation of why he chose to take custody of some and not the others. Maybe it was based on their looks? Or gender? Who knows. But he did provide child support all these years which was really big of him, wasn’t it? I mean, they didn’t starve to death. I wonder why his wife is not being charged as an accomplice?