Everybody thinks every body else is shagging themselves to Venus 24 hours a day seven days a week. The truth is that often times married couples tend to end up having less shagging sessions than most of their friends would believe. That is because life gets in the way, chores, kids, work, aging parents, and even medications that they are taking for such things as depression and prostate cancer. But does that mean they should get divorced?
For sure, there are people who are not having regular shagging sessions with their spouses and this is a cause for concern if one party wants to shag and the other one just always has a headache. Then maybe that couple needs marriage/sex therapy or whatever it is the experts do to jumpstart the lost libidos once more for fear that failure to get those engines recharged could lead to charges of “constructive abandonment” (maybe even cruelty!) being leveled against somebody in State Supreme.
But there are other couples who are not shagging by choice. There is no physical impediment, they are not prudes. They both just decided amongst themselves to live like eunuchs and they love it. It feels clean and uncomplicated. Not being a slave to the “flesh” also makes them feel powerful. These folks have no desire to shag each other or anyone else, thank you very much, and they are happy in their marriage as is, being friends, working, and engaging in other activities like traveling, volunteering, studying and parenting. Their favorite après-sex activity? They don’t have one, obviously. But so what? You might see this lack of a voracious appetite for sex as another form of “perversion.” But think about it: Why are they weird for living their life the way it works for them? Why should they have to explain their choice to anyone? Why should divorce even enter the discourse?
Of course, such a marriage is sustainable only so long as both partners feel the same way about this issue. But where is it written that everybody has to shag like rabbits just because they want to be seen as “normal”? Where is it written that just because a person(s) is married they can’t be celibate? Where is it written that a lack of “sexual relations” with one’s spouse has to lead to divorce?