Divorce & Medical Issues: Did your IVF, Post-partum depression, miscarriage or prostate cancer wreck your marriage?

It seems that stuff like IVF (In vitro treatments), post partum depression and miscarriages can strain a marriage. So, too, can prostate cancer issues. I guess it is understandable why that might be. I mean, I am not privy to any of these issues myself but I have read that women can get depressed when in vitro treatments continuously fail and the marriage can pretty much unravel as a result. The same is true with post partum depression which hits some women harder than others. In one report, I read about this woman who couldn’t cope with her husband’s natural odors after having a baby. It totally destroyed the marriage. (Pregnancy can be a problem too and obviously, losing a baby can be a big problem if the woman feels she doesn’t get enough support from her husband).
And some men don’t handle prostate cancer issues well. I haven’t researched that but I see a lot of public figures like Rudy Giuilliani who came out with the fact that they had prostate cancer and still seem “normal” and perfectly virile. But I guess for other men, they may stop feeling all that virile and it could cause a problem.
I guess the takeaway is that if your marriage has experienced any of the above recently, you need to be extra mindful, and possibly even seek counseling as a couple before things break down irretrievably. Any of the above can cause your marriage to quickly implode if you are not mindful that you are in a red zone.