Is it wimpy to get divorced?

Is divorce for wimps?
By all accounts, marriage is really hard. But before the Boomers, people were able to grow old gracefully with their spouses. All that has changed to the point that I’ve begun to question whether the “marriage” model is sustainable going into the next generation and whether the concept shouldn’t be abolished and be replaced by “domestic partnership agreements” for EVERYONE: gay, straight, polygamous or whatever–and be governed strictly by contract and partnership law.
But on the other hand, when I look at people in, say, my parents’ generation, and see what they endure to keep a marriage and family in tact, I’ve begun to wonder whether maybe younger generations aren’t just a bunch of wimps with weak minds and weak resolves who can’t hack anything? Least of all, the nuances of a long term marriage?
It can be argued that the key to a successful lifelong marriage is COMMITMENT. If you are committed, then no matter what happens, you stick it out. Why were the older generations better able to do that? To stick out the marriage for better or for worse?
Were they just mentally stronger? Or is our generation just a bunch of wimps?