Update 3/18/09: Marie Douglas David divorce: how to outsmart your spouse and win the divorce

Marie Douglas/George David Divorce Update March 18, 2009
The Hartford Courant is reporting that the Davids are back in court for a divorce battle that rivals “War of the Roses.”  The couple has been unable to settle their differences amicable, I’m sorry to report. I expected that they would have but it seems that George David is not budging on that post-nuptial agreement that gives Marie a measly $43 million of his $400 million fortune.
Marie is apparently arguing that the post-nup is unenforceable. I guess she is going to say he coerced her into signing it and the way she wins that is to convince the court that she is simple, not a simpleton, but simply simple, as compared to the cerebral, intellectually agile Mr. George David, 67 year old former Chairman of United Technologies Corp. That is not going to be hard to pull off. All she has to do is dress down, smile, and act like she doesn’t understand anything.
Poor George. He is outmatched by Marie and her arsenal of lawyers…but you know what I’ve been thinking now that I’ve had a bit more time to think about it and thaw in the Spring air? I’ve been thinking that, you know what? $43 million is a generous sum and Marie should take it and run like a bandit. No seriously. The man is not a billionaire, Marie. He worked long and hard to get that money. Well, maybe he didn’t work all that long and hard knowing what we know now after the whole shake down on Wall Street. But the point is, equitable distribution doesn’t mean “half.” It just means “fair.” And after six years of marriage with no kids, I mean, Marie, maybe you should take the $43 million and run with it. It’s not exactly chump change and you can start fresh, start your own business with that and move on and find a younger man who can sire your children.
Don’t be greedy, Marie. I understand he could have been more generous. But what if he gives you all your jewelry back? (Weird how he kept your jewelry. Weird!) Would you take the $43 million then?
Woman to woman, if I were you, I’d just take it and move on. You’re young and beautiful there will be at least two more husbands behind this one.  And if you have any brain cells in your head, you will make sure you marry another millionaire billionaire (do not waste your time with paupers Marie, because you know what? They can’t help you and they are just as likely to leave you, beat you and otherwise dishonor you as the rich guys do –if not more so because their lack of money makes them slightly resentful –and remember that it’s just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man, I’m sure your mother what’s her face? told you so) and get a few mill from him if you are so inclined. But leave George with his money, Marie. He worked hard for it and $43 million is nothing to sneeze at and he’s giving you $43 million. Do you know what I could do with $43 million right now? Seriously, Marie. I am on your side, I really am, but with this recession and with everything falling apart around us all, look what happened in Tonga today? Even the ocean is blowing up, girl.
Get out of this marriage with dignity. Take the $43 million. That comes out to $7 million for every year of marriage. About $20,000 per day or $800 per hour. That’s good money. Even if you were working for the biggest law firm in the world as a partner, you wouldn’t make that much per hour doing what you do, which is look gorgeous. Let your husband give you your jewelry back. Take the $43 mill, and run like a bandit. Trust me, with this settlement, you’ve outsmarted the old fox.
That’s what I would do if I were you.
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PS. MARIE, KEEP IN MIND YOU COULD WIN THE BATTLE AND LOSE THE WAR. THE JUDGE COULD SET ASIDE THE POST NUP BUT TURN AROUND AND DECIDE THAT WHAT IS “FAIR” IS THAT YOU GET, SAY, $4 million! Not $43 million, Marie. $4 million. The judge could do that. And tell you that you are young, educated and able bodied and that you can work. Marie, there is a saying in the islands, “want all, get none t’all.” Heed. Take the $43 million and run.  Ask for your jewelry but don’t press for more money. You could lose a lot more than you bargained for, girlfriend.