Why men can’t handle the cheating house-wives and their extra-marital affairs

So many housewives in so many suburban neighborhoods across the U.S. and the rest of the world, are at this time, or some time past, or some time to come, adulterers. Many will never be caught by their trusting spouses. But those who are, almost universally, get dumped by their angry spouses.
The same is not true when the tables are turned, btw. Women are programmed to expect their spouses to cheat and while more and more women end the marriage once they find out a spouse has been unfaithful, many just turn the other way and conclude “boys will be boys.”
Not so for most husbands. For them, “girls should be girls” and that means that the wife (especially his Virgin Mary stay at home wife and mother whom he loves and trusts above all others) cannot cheat. When she does it is a shock to her husband’s system and he either goes berserk and hurts her or the man, or he hurts himself, or he divorces her forthwith. It is just not in the typical man’s DNA to handle this. They just can’t handle this.  I don’t know why. Is it love? Or possession?
Not to defend the housewife or anything, but I guess when she’s home all day waiting for her husband and kids to come home, cleaning, cooking, planting peas, sometimes, she may get a little bored. And then what happens is, maybe the mailman or, god, I don’t know, the plumber? starts to seem intriguing. And next thing you know, she is cheating on her husband.
It happens in all classes, btw. Just recently the story of Germany’s richest woman (she was not a housewife, but still) BMW heiress Susanne Quandt Klatten revealed what a bored wife will do, and the trouble she can get herself into. Her lover was an attorney and he was blackmailing her for millions of Euros to keep their affair quiet. The blackmailer is in jail, of course. But her husband has been markedly quiet.
The quiet storm. That is another way these husbands handle the cheating house-wife situation. They get quiet. But it is not a real quiet. They are just having a delayed reaction. Normally, for “real men” there is a huge reckoning when they find out that their wives have cheated on them. This is just my observation. Almost no man out there can just grin and bear it and put up with that. Something is gonna go down.