George David Divorce March 20, 2009: He admits infidelity!

UTC chairman George David admitted in Hartford Superior Court today that he had been unfaithful to his wife Marie and had been dating another woman as early as December, 2008 about the time the divorce was filed. These multi-millionaires don’t waste time, do they???
Like Britain’s Prince Charles, however, Mr. David maintains his high moral standards and reiterated that he only began to see someone else once he had ascertained that the marriage had “irretrievably broken down.”
I frankly think that Marie’s lawyers, including famed divorce attorney William Beslow who handled Christie Brinkley’s divorce is taking a very big chance in trying to set aside this post nup.  He says he is doing it because it is “fair” that she gets more of her husband’s approximately $400 million fortune.
I am all for her getting as much as possible, but as far as “fair”? If we are talking about “fair” then what she was offered is more than equitable, Mr. Beslow. This was a six year marriage which was in trouble after two years. It is not a long term marriage whereby Marie made all these sacrifices, helped put him through school, helped him build his company, raised his kids, sacrificed her professional interests to advance his, or in any way made him who he was. When she met him, he was already a big shot and he had already spend decades building a career and professional reputation. So he was able to pamper her and shower her with the riches and spoils of his previously-achieved professional labor and sacrifices.
In that case, I think the $43 million is “fair.” If he wanted to be generous and give even more, fine. But I wouldn’t have the heart to go in there with a straight face and cry that this stipulation is “unfair.” And you know what, Mr. Beslow, as I said before in a previous post, you run the risk of pissing off the judge and him voiding the post nup and giving your client even less.
What then? Then you appeal, right? And by then your client ends up paying you whatever nominal amount she gains from the appeal in legal fees. Plus, she loses good PR and all her dirty laundry is on the streets. I don’t think this is good lawyering. We are not talking about Warren Buffet here. We are not even talking about Donald Trump. We are talking George David whose networth is well under $500 million!
If he gives her what she asks and then pays the alimony she is demanding, in no time, with the market being what it is, the poor guy will be filing for a modification, in forma pauperis!
Stop the madness and tell Marie to take the money and run. You are making a mistake by letting her go forward with this. Talk some sense into her. Notwithstanding anything I said in earlier posts (by now everyone knows I’m totally capricious anyway and they take everything I say with a grain of salt) after a six year marriage, what the countess has been offered is “fair.”
Settle the lawsuit and let her move on to her next husband. Please.
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