The Twitter divorce: first Facebook, next Twitter?

I’ve heard of the Facebook divorce in UK, but could someone give their partner notice of divorce via Twitter? Would that ever be enough notice in a pending divorce action? 
I don’t think so. The Twitter model only allows about two sentences at a time. The average divorce petition is at least one page long for the summons alone. And with the complaint thrown in, you could be looking upwards of ten pages. That can’t fit into Twitter’s model.
I mean, I can see if a spouse is avoiding service, or if you don’t know where he or she is, that in years to come a judge might include Twitter along with other social networking sites such as Facebook and YOUTUBE as a means of alternative service, or as a means to prove due diligence to get permission to serve by publication.
But to say that you “twittered” your intentions to divorce your spouse to your followers on Twitter and that that is somehow enough “notice”  of a pending divorce action? That that would be tantamount to “personal service” as required by statute? I don’t think the day will ever come.