To Marie Douglas David: Was it "provincial" Avon Connecticut that caused your divorce?

I read somewhere that Swedish Countess Marie Douglas David found Avon Connecticut “provincial” and so she often remained in New York with friends rather than go out to stay with her husband UTC chairman George David who seemed to prefer the country life than the city slicker lifestyle Marie craved. (One of the items Marie allegedly wants is to keep the couple’s apartment at 740 Park Avenue in New York city).
I personally think Avon Connecticut is a very beautiful town–especially in winter. And while it is definitely countrified, I can’t believe that anyone would call it “provincial.” But let’s face it, there are folks who absolutely must have the hustle and bustle of a city and I can totally see it being a problem if one spouse wants to live in the city –especially one like New York — and the other spouse preferring to stay out in the country –beautiful though it might be like Avon Connecticut.
But is something like this necessarily a deal breaker? I find that difficult to believe that two reasonably in love people couldn’t find a middle ground here. I mean, I think once someone starts citing “provinciality of a marital abode” as the reason they want out of the marriage, I think it is a lame excuse. Something else is going on and the country living is just the hair that breaks the camel’s back.
I can see if you get bored sometimes if all your entertainment is at Borders which you have to drive fifteen minutes to get to from your Avon home. But to say that living in a provincial town caused your divorce? I don’t know. When you love someone you will move to the ends of the Earth to be with them. You will live in  a rat hole if necessary.
Could it have been that being forced to live in Avon Connecticut is what drove Countess Marie over the edge? Nah. I don’t think so. I am sure she liked Avon since she is an amateur equestrian and has her horses out there. There was definitely a time and place for the country lifestyle in her marriage. It must have been something else. I mean, I also read that George “refused to give her a key of her own to the Avon spread.” I mean, I don’t believe that either.  But if that happened, I am sure there were a lot of subtext issues going on there. They just weren’t happy.
For regular folks, could where you live improve your chances of long term marriage? Or precipitate your divorce? Hme…I don’t know. I guess if you are basically unhappy with your spouse and your marriage, something like where you are living might be a tipping point. 
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