What is the history of divorce?

Did the concept of divorce first arise in Babylonia as some of my research suggest? And could it be true that in a country like Chile, divorce only became legal in 2004? No way, right?
We are trying to find the time to study the “history of divorce” but it’s very difficult to find extra time to do this. So we will add to this post over time as we learn more.  If you happen to read this post (only two people read this blog, we know so let’s start with the 2 of you) and you happen to know anything about the history of divorce as it relates to modern humanity, feel free to drop a comment. Only constructive comments will be approved so please stick to the topic and don’t use this as an excuse to tell us why you hate this blog, cause we love you anyway and we forgive you no matter what so you might as well stop hating and just love us instead.
We at Divorce Saloon would like to know where, when, why, and how did “divorce” as we know it today, originate? And what was the reason for it’s genesis. And we would like input from you.