When bad sex tko's your marriage

So, you are not one of those ultra evolved couples who are content with having a shagless-by-choice marriage. Well, you are probably in the majority there as most homosapiens seem wired to want to shag at least a few times per week. (It’s a basic instinct for many folks.)
Fine. Not so fine is what happens when consistently “bad” sex busts up the marriage. And it seems to happen quite a bit. After a couple of years people seem to lose that initial passion and edge that fueled their union — men in particular report this — and find themselves craving new and different experiences. (This usually happens after about a couple of years. Imagine the ennui that can ensue in a long term marriage!)
Over time, people just seem to naturally stop making shagging a priority; they get comfortable in the relationship and nature also intervenes and their libidos nose dive — this seems to happen more often to women than to men (the nose-diving libido I mean). And before you know it it’s like, you’re just going through the motions and making shopping lists in your head while homeboy is carrying on, and  expecting a standing ovation. This gets problematic fast, I’ve heard. This can lead to serious marital squabbles and drops your marriage into the red zone pretty quick.
Some suggest that in addition to renewing your marriage vows, some couples may need to renew their “sex vows” to remind themselves of the importance of having good, basic sex in a marriage and for both parties to stay present in the moment and experience, and whatever, whatever, whatever….Jeeze, it really is just too much information to absorb, isn’t it?
But you know what?  If you are not single (there are some blessings in being single, I tell ya!), and if you want to save your marriage, you’d better think about the quantity and the quality of shag sessions you are having and make sure it meshes with what your partner wants, otherwise, you could find yourself looking at divorce. Bad sex can be as bad as no sex and often leads to cheating which leads to divorce.
Okay. Enough about bad sex. Let’s talk about “no sex”: Remember that if your partner wants it and you’re constantly like “you’re not getting it,” after one year of this your partner can move for divorce on the basis of constructive abandonment. Okay? Alright? And that’s all I have to say.