CHICAGOEni Skoien on how not to lose the kids to your ex

Eni Skoien, Indonesian soon to be ex-wife of Chicago Republican GOP boss Gary Skoien is being charged with domestic battery. She apparently drew blood from her hubby when she came home around 1:00 a.m. one fine morning and allegedly found that dear husband had brought two prostitutes into her home, and allegedly into her children’s rooms. This sounds utterly, utterly insane, doesn’t it? I don’t see how something like this could occur. In any event, Eni went ballistic as we earlier reported and beat the living bejesus out of the man.
We are anti domestic violence and have said so in numerous posts on this blog. But in a case like this, where a man does something this depraved, if he did do what he is accused of doing, we almost forgive the wife for losing her self-control and beating the bejesus out of him with her kids’ toy banjo and a fist. It doesn’t make it right. But it is totally a crime of passion and totally forgivable in our opinion–if this is the first and only time she did something as untoward as this.
Any man who does something like that to his wife is really deserving of whatever he gets and it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to him that his wife will go ape and do something drastic when he brings 2 prostitutes into her home. And if that includes getting the bejesus beaten out of him with the kids’ toy banjo and some blood gets shed, while we are not condoning it, we totally can’t write hateful posts about Eni either. Because that kind of bs will drive any woman over the edge. That is undue provocation. That is just crazy. Who does that? What kind of husband would do that? It’s unthinkable. It’s too much. Does he hate her? He must hate her. That was unforgivable. That is hate.
But now that Eni has filed for divorce, this incident with her spouse can come back to haunt her as far as custody is concerned. Gary has obtained an order of protection against Eni for her violence against him and so she is not allowed to go near the house or near the kids. We would like to hear more about the basis for that order of protection because if this was a one time incidence of violence, with the provocation she had in this instance, we think such an order of protection should be vacated on appeal.
But about custody. When Eni filed for divorce, she, among other things, sought to void the prenuptial agreement she had with Gary, and she is looking for sole custody of their three under-age kids.
Will the court factor her history of domestic violence into it’s decision of who gets the kids? I am sure they will. In New York it is a factor. Because in theory, a spouse who will beat another spouse is just as likely to beat the kids who are even smaller and more helpless. So Eni could have a problem if it is proven that she beat her husband without provocation and not in “self-defense.”
What is Chicago law on this issue? Will the Illinois courts factor a domestic violence incidence into its decision of which parent to grant custody? And whether to grant joint vs. split. vs. sole custody? Or even whether to order family counseling, parenting classes and supervised visitation? I would not be surprised if Illinois legislature has built that into their custody/family law statutes.
But in Eni’s case, if this was an isolated incident, I am sure her lawyers will be able to make out a case for her getting the children. I mean, if it is true as reported in fairly reputable media sources that Gary Skoien brought prostitutes into the home while the children were present and may even have brought them into the children’s room, I can’t see how he would make a better parent just because his wife reacted angrily and beat the bejesus out of him with her fist and a banjo for defiling their marriage, home and family in the manner in which he did.
But you never know. That violent act could really be a factor in whether or not she gets those kids. We shall have to wait and see what happens, shan’t we?