Gary and Eni Skoien divorce: wife finds husband in kids' room with 2 prostitutes

Weird Divorce News from Huffington Post :
Bizarre story from Huffington Post this morning. It seems a bizarre marital situation is brewing over in Chicago with a GOP boss, Gary Skoien and his Indonesian wife Eni Skoien. The wife alleged came home one day and found the husband in the kids’ room with two women who are alleged to be prostitutes. Naturally, she went berserk and started beating on the, what can I call him? on the…..upstanding husband and father. He called police and the police arrested the wife and threw her in jail and got an order of protection against, get this: against the wife!!!  That means she can’t go to the family home nor see her children. So the wife then filed for divorce. She is seeking to set aside the prenup and she is seeking sole custody of the three kids. Boy. If he really did that, you know, bring those upstanding women into his home like that? what an upstanding guy, eh? And he got an order of protection too? He’s the victim? Nice Job, Mr. Skoien! Nice!