Necker Island, Caribbean: 10 reasons why billionaire Jim Clarke will never divorce supermodel Christy Hinze

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Giving geeks everywhere hope, Jim Clark, cofounder of Silicon Graphics and Netscape, is marrying swimsuit model Kristy Hinze this weekend on Richard Branson‘s Necker Island — also the site of Google founder Larry Page’s nuptials.

Obviously, Jim Clarke, whoever he is, has not been following George David and Countess Marie Douglas David’s Hartford Connecticut divorce. And maybe it is a good thing. We would not want to get in the way of Mr. Clarke’s nuptial bliss.  Jim, 64 is set to marry Christy 28 on a beautiful Caribbean island that is privately owned by billionaire Sir Richard Branson. We are sure that Jim is the envy of all his billionaire cronies for this snag that he’ll be shagging for the duration.
Yet, we are starting to believe that Billionaire male cougars the world over are becoming increasingly confused in their habitat. And that is exactly why so many of them are shagging up with women young enough to be their daughters and sometimes grand-daughters. And we are wondering when and if these grandfathers will ever get clued in? That these marriages don’t last? That these women are woefully age-inappropriate? And that picking them up as wives makes the billionaires look less, not more virile and potent.
But not in Jim’s case. He looks VERY virile in his pics. And though there is almost a 40 year old age difference, honestly? He doesn’t look that much older than Christy. And further? We think they will never get divorced. for the following reasons:
1) Christy is not royalty and will never talk down her pointed nose at Jim about his poor table manners and etiquette.
2) Christy is not a “gold digger” she has a good job hosting the Australian version of Project Runway and Jim is proud of this accomplishment and encourages her to continue working and develop a career.
3) They may not be best friends, but they are best-bonkers and Christy gets more bonks with her man than she can even handle. They love to bonk each other, big time.
4) Jim buys Christy jewelry and gives her title; he has already agreed to allow her to keep them as her separate property when they divorce.
5) Both Jim and Christy have eschewed all other cooching partners and only have eyes for each other; adultery will never be an issue in this marriage; apres Jim and Christy? La Deluge.
6) Christy gets a key to all of Jim’s homes, condos and office complexes and doesn’t have to ask permission to enter any of his homes. He would never have the heart to “lock her out of the marital abode” like some rich guys have done to their wives.
7) Christy is not afraid of being childless; she knows she is fertile and will give Jim a brood way bigger than Angelina’s and he will hire help that far exceeds what Nadya Suleman will ever get.
8) Jim never masterminded a ponzi scheme so there will be no need for a “fake” divorce in order for Christy to get her share of the assets.
9) Jim has agreed to the no pre-nup rule imposed by Christy and has already said that if they divorce she can have WHATEVER  she wants.
10) Viagra. Plastic surgery. Teddy bears.
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