Soon to be divorcee Marie Douglas David comes under fire for her court room fashions

Marie Douglas David Coat pics.
Can you believe this? I mean, even for me this criticism about Marie’s coat is just too damned vapid. What is wrong with people that they would criticize this woman who they call claim is a gold digger, for wearing the same coat twice in a row? It defies reason. If she came decked out in Yves Saint Laurent and Hermes, it would be a whole other thing. She wore the same coat twice and she is being criticized? You know what? Well, I won’t even say it….but I think she is doing the right thing. If you are going to go into court in a recession and say that a $43 million settlement for a six year marriage to a man who is worth under $400 million is not enough, at least have the good sense and pre-emptive intelligence to not look like all you care about is money and shopping. She is playing that card exactly correct. I would live in that coat. I would wear it every single day to court. And I would emblazon a sign on it too. That left a really inappropriate memory in the minds of my detractors. I mean, honestly!
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