George and Marie Douglas-David on why their marriage was just too darned complicated

UTC George David and Swedish Countess Marie David seemed to have a very complicated marriage. The couple who married in 2002 began experiencing serious marital strains in 2004 when George discovered that Marie was having an affair with a “strapping Swedish fencer” by the name of Alexander Oxenstierna. According to media reports, when George found out, or suspected, his wife was “going off the reservation” with a young stud muffin, he went postal and hired some private investigators to tail her all over Stockholm. And they found what they were looking for and brought back a photo journal for George. At that point, George instituted his first of about 4 divorce actions against the royal beauty. In his deposition, he stated that when he served her the first time in their tony Sagaponack rental, she broke down and cried and started to hug him and begged him not to leave her. And he could not resist her sweet cavils, obviously, and so he took her back…but he served her papers about three times after that. And yes, as we said in an earlier post, he does cop to having had sex with that woman, Ms. Touton. But only after his marriage to Marie had “irretrievably broken down.”
I was almost about to suggest that only in affluent couples do these sought of things occur, but that is just not the case. Poor people also find a way to pull off these types of marital complexities to, that involve two way cheating and all the rest of it.
But, I hate to say it, but, no wonder George insisted on that post nup. If Marie was cheating just two years into the marriage, that obviously did not augur well for the longevity of that union. But you have to wonder why a man of George’s intelligence would get married to a woman 30 years his junior without a prenup in the first place? Did he want her that badly that he was willing to risk it all? Was he trying to woo her away from someone? Like the fencing Swede, for instance? Was he just “in love”?
It sure sounds like she had some powers over him. Like he was weak to her hugs and entreaties. He was even able to forgive her romp with a man young enough to be George’s son for Chrissakes. That’s very telling….
Did she love him, though? Or did she just love the hold she thought she had on him? In which case, him taking up with Wendy Touton is definitely driving Marie to distraction. When a woman thinks she has a hold over a man like that, and he pulls this move by hooking up with an even younger woman, that can really gall the first woman. Know what I mean? And I think Marie is galled. And that is why she is holding out for $100 million. She is galled by his gall in replacing her so quickly when he is supposed to be under her (Marie’s) ¬†spell. It is pride. He has hurt her pride and she wants $100 to soothe herself.
Marriage. Very complicated.
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