In the unlikely event of a 4th divorce for billionaire James Clark, does he have a prenup with 4th wife Christy Hinze?

I was reading up on Billionaire Jim Clark’s last marriage prior to the one he’s now embarked on with Aussie supermodel Christy Hines. Seems his last marriage (his 3rd) was to a Forbes reporter by the name of Nancy Rutter. They divorced in 2006. Right after the divorce (he didnt’ have a prenup and so he ended up paying her over $100 million of his fortune in cash, plus jewelry, jets, furniture and other stuff) he met the young, bubbly Aussie and they went to down the the Caribbean on his yacht with some friends to “commisserate” and the rest is history…. I wonder what he paid the other two wives? 
Back when he divorced Nancy,  Mr. Clark told the Palm Beach Post: “I’m not getting married again. Or if I do, it’ll be with a pre-nup.” Famous last words. Do you think he’s learned his lesson from the last divorce? Or was the 28 year old Christy such a knock out when compared to his 52 year old 3rd wife, Nancy, that Jimmy stopped thinking with his brain and started thinking with other parts of his anatomy?…I wonder which jurisdiction was selected as the Venue for the prenup? Jim is Texan it seems, but he lives in Palm Beach not far from Donald Trump’s Mar a lago. And she is Aussie with an apartment in London. And you know if the marriage collapses the first thing she is going to do is challenge the prenup….
From the sound of things, though, the last thing Christy wants is his money. She’s a very independent girl and she works and she pays her own mortgage. And that’s a good thing. A very, very good thing.