HAVANA: Divorce, serial marriages on the rise in Cuba

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According to an article in Today’s Chicago Tribune, Cuban marriages are in peril. With a divorce rate of well over 60% Cuba seems to lead other Latin American countries in the annual number of divorces. And, apparently, that stat does not include those who have been married multiple times–and there are plenty in this demographic.
The one good thing about divorce in Cuba seems to be the fact that it is very cheap to get a divorce. Says the Chicago Tribune:

But getting unhitched in Cuba is a cheap and simple process because of liberal divorce laws. Battles over possessions are rare because most people have few belongings. “All these things wear down a marriage,” said Bolivar, who admitted being married multiple times and once shooting an ex-husband in the leg after he tried to move into her home with another woman.

check out the article in the Tribune here: