Swedish Countess Marie Douglas David on how to divorce your divorce lawyer

Should Marie Douglas David fire her divorce attorneys?
According to an Associated Press report,

Anne Dranginis, a lawyer for David and retired Connecticut Appellate Court judge, predicted that Douglas-David will get much less money in the divorce if she doesn’t accept the terms of the postnuptial.

This would not surprise me, as I have predicted that this is exactly what will likely happen if Marie fights to the draw on this issue of the post nup. I believe that she is being ill-advised by her counsels on this one. I certainly hope I am wrong for her sake. But I don’t think they have enough meat here to dig their nails into, as to why that post-nup should be set aside out of “fairness” to Marie. This was not a long term marriage by any stretch of the imagination. Marie did not help him acquire $100 million of his net worth in six short years. Not for nothing, but if anything, I think a stronger argument can be made as to why it should be set aside out of fairness to Mr. David and give their client less than the post nup does. And I am on Marie’s side. But I have to be honest. I have to be frank. I don’t know any other way to be.
Marie may need to divorce her divorce attorneys on this one, and proceed either pro se, or with me. ONLY KIDDING!!! No need to accuse me of tortious interference with their contract with their client. But seriously, I think these lawyers are making a mistake on this case. I think they should advise their client to settle this matter and have the post nup enforced as is.
Unless they have a cat they can pull out of the bag other than the fact that he had sex with Wendy Touton (after all, Marie was having sex with other guys before George was having sex with other women so that is going to work against her!) I don’t think they will win this one. I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong. But I think they are erring and leading their client astray.
Counselors, please. Settle this case and let your client move on with the $43 million. TALK. SOME. SENSE. INTO. HER.