The divorce police: "Countess Marie Douglas-David of Bavaria, you are under arrest for your March 23, 2009 Page Six interview!"

Countess Marie, you are under arrest!
What were you thinking when you did that sit down with New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser and spilled all about the intimacies of your marriage to George David?
Have you lost your mind? That should be illegal for a woman of your stature to stoop to this, Countess Marie. I am surprised and disappointed. Your crime of TMI was a misdeamoner and should earn you at least 5 years in divorce lock up.  Nobody needs that much information about your marriage to this corporate executive, down to you barrenness and IVF. You should have just read my blog post on IVF and divorce and be done with it.  Did your attorney Beslow clear you to do this interview? I mean, I could have probably even forgiven a Barbara Walters sit down (after the fact) but this? You’ve got to be kidding. Why were your attempts to get pregnant and other intimacies that are absolutely none of anybody’s business and certainly cannot help your divorce case spilled all over the New York Post? For what? What did you hope to gain from that interview? Public sympathy? Because it will get you the opposite, Marie. The interview made you come off as a spoiled, oblivious, bratty, stilleto wearing…”gold digger”, Marie. My god, I said it. I hate to say it, but the interview almost proves your detractors’ point, Marie. That you are digging for gold. Whose advice was that? Why did you do that?  You are making it hard for me to continue to defend your position. That’s it, Marie. You are under arrest!
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