The Jen Anniston – John Mayer Divorce

They were not even married, but it seems that John and Jen are getting divorced. The only good thing about that is that at least there won’t be a custody battle the way there’s bound to be when and if Jen’s ex, Brad Pitt, splits with his current lady friend, Angelina Jolie.
Just last month, we JUMPED THE SHARK and predicted that Jennifer was pregnant with John’s baby. Can I apologize now? Can I say that I totally was caught up in Oscar fever and that it was a slow news day and I lost my mind and thought I was writing for the National Enquirer?
Well, whatever. The bottom line is, I am a huge fan of Jen Anniston, and I am slightly annoyed with her that she allowed herself to be in this situation. She’s a forty year old woman and she should know better than to shack up with a guy like that. I mean, he’s probably a nice guy in spite of how he comes off, and in spite of his track record with other young starlets such as Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
But Jen Anniston not only wrote the book, she starred in the movie! She of all people should know the signs of when a man is “just not that into you.” She’s had enough experiences in her life to be able to make the distinction. Plus, the man broke up with her and told the world that the relationship wasn’t “right” and so he broke it off because he couldn’t give her what she wants. Yet, after she got back from sunning herself in Cabo San Lucas, she took him back, incomprehensibly, and paraded him in front of the world at the Academy Awards in this big show of LOVE. And not even a month later, he pulls the same stunt and breaks up with her again?
If all these rumblings about a second break up are true, I am upset with Jen.  Cause I could have told her so, and she is way too beautiful and worthy to lower herself on guys like this guy. One tabloid magazine called him a “rat” and while I would never say it, I forgive them, because there is also a rumor that he’s to write a $10 million tell all. I wouldn’t be surprised. He sure likes to Twitter and make up songs and talk to the media about personal stuff, so why not get paid $10 million?
Had they gotten married, Jen could have put a gag order in the prenup. But she didn’t get around to that yet. Which is good and bad at the same time.
I don’t want to say “poor Jen” because she hates that and there is nothing “poor” about her except her judgment. She needs to relax a bit, be alone, cry, vent and stay out of the man fray for  a while. Once a couple of years pass, she can start looking again outside the spotlight. She needs a quiet, respectable guy who loves her and who is with her for the right reasons. Somebody who doesn’t want his name in lights. I mean, maybe she even needs to disappear for a while the way Demi Moore did. Move to Idaho. Whatever. Then come back with an Ashton Kutcher type.
But these guys she’s picking up and breaking up with, especially obvious opportunists like this guy John whatshisface, are starting to reduce her catchet and cheapen her and soil her. This “marriage” to John was just bad judgment, Jennifer. Even for me, queen of bad judgment where men are concerned, this was an obvious lapse in judgment. The deaf, blind, dumb and incapacitated could have seen him for what he was. You should have known better. Even if you made a mistake the first time around, why in the world would you take this guy back? What was going through your head?