CEO George David and Countess wife spill more dirty laundry–marital rape?

Dear Mr. and Mrs. George David:
We are no longer amused and entertained by your divorce. We are appalled and dismayed and (feeling sicker by the day), by your increasingly rabid and salacious accusations. Please stop this. You are embarrassing yourselves and making a total fool of what it means to be “successful” and “rich” in America.
Mr. David, you were a CEO and now chairman of UTC, a major transnational corporation. By definition you are supposed to be a man of high moral character, judgment and self-respect. Surely you could have found a more dignified way to end your marriage than this tabloid fest and tawdry reality tv he said/she said? What is wrong with you? How could you have allowed this situation to degenerate to this level? Your conduct is unbecoming of a CEO.
Mrs. David. For chrissakes you are an “aristocrat.” You are also a highly educated former Wall Street “financial analyst” entrusted with a lot of other people’s money. You were educated in “Europe” for crying out loud. Didn’t you go to finishing school in Switzerland? Didn’t you learn anything while you were there? How could you have allowed this situation to degenerate to this level? This is conduct unbecoming of a countess and aristocrat.
Shame on the two of you. Both of you are behaving disgracefully by spilling all these intimate details of your personal lives in the press and persisting with this tawdry trial. This is what your entire life’s work comes down to? To be carricatures of “rich people behaving badly?” Who will remember your professional successes after this?
Shame on the two of you. THIS CASE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SETTLED. Quietly. Even Madonna had enough class not to stoop to what you have stooped to. This is ugly. How do two people of your statures allow yourselves to get caught up in a tawdry mess such as this?  I mean now I need to hear about a 36 year old countess “raping” her 66 year old husband? Why do I need to hear this?
Shame on the two of you.
Sincerely, Divorce Saloon
PS. Oh, and you know what else now that I think about it? You are both under arrest by divorce police for your divorce crimes and you are heretofore condemned to divorce lock up for the next five years where you will do hard time and penance. And that will be without caviar, darlings!
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