Could Countess Marie and her lawyers really pull off getting her $100 million divorce settlement?

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Just how good a lawyer are William Beslow and the other cowboys Countess Marie Douglas David has hired to represent her in this divorce action? Could they really pull off getting the judge to invalidate the post nup in its entirety?
The judge has three choices as far as I am concerned. He can refuse to touch the post nup at all; He can void the post nup in its entirety; or he can void parts of the post nup and through the miracle of “severability” uphold parts of it.
To void the post nup he would have to be convinced that George is a villain who used duress and coercion to get his wife to agree to an “unconcionable” and “unfair” divorce settlement. The judge would have to be convinced that it is patently “unfair” that the Countess would only get $43 million. It could happen. I don’t think it is likely but it could happen. The judge could void the stipulation and say that what is “fair” is that Marie gets close to 50% of whatever was earned during the 6 year marriage. I mean, just how cute does the judge think Marie is? Hey, don’t think this doesn’t factor into this. It might.
So. What would that figure look like? If the judge loses his, with all due respect, mind? Well, between stocks, cash payouts and perks, George reportedly made about $70 million per year, on average. If you multiply that by 6 years of marriage, you are looking at $420 million in 6 years, approximately. What is half of that? Hoooooney, lemme sell you a river! You are looking at $210 million dollars!
The judge could say that Marie will get $210 million dollars as a settlement. No, I know it’s crazy, but it could happen. Or the judge could say she gets the $100 million she is asking too. Or some other figure that is above what the stipulated amount was.
If the judge does strike the post nup in its entirety, the judge could also give Marie a figure that is less than the post nup would have given her. For example, the judge could say it was fair that she gets, say, $5 million. And maintenance/alimony for, say, 5 years or till she finds another job. Obviously, if the judge came out on the low end, her lawyers are going to appeal this case. But there is no telling what the Appellate Division will do.
This is really interesting, to see what will happen after the trial of the year gets through. The judge could literally swing in any direction on this one. I guess Marie is a gambler. I just wouldn’t take the chance. I don’t have the stomach for these types of risks.
But her risk could pay off. What if the judge gives Marie $210 million?!? That would be seriously hysterical. It would even be slightly effed up. Don’t you think? Ahahahahahaha!!!!!