Damon Dash and Rachel Roy divorce

Hip Hop mogul Damon Dash and his wife Rachel Roy have filed for divorce in Manhattan Supreme. Neither is looking for equitable distribution since Mr. Dash has reportedly blown through $50 million dollars he made from Rocawear (he sold his interest to Jay-Z for $20 million) and from producing other hip hop acts none of which I am privy to since, embarrassingly, I know nothing about hip hop. I’m just not cool enough yet. But I am definitely working on it….the couple has two kids. But it does not appear that there will be a custody battle. Damon is probably just going to take a page out of Russell Simmons’ parenting book and let his ex-wife do the mothering. http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=russell
Mr. Dash is reportedly on the financial downward spiral. Just last month a judge ordered that his SUV be seized because he couldn’t make the $715 per month payment.