Kobe Bryant Divorce: Is his wife Vanessa "abusive"?

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant is being sued by a housekeeper for mental cruelty. Among other things the housekeeper alleges that Vanessa told her to put her hands in dog poop to retrieve a receipt for a blouse which the housekeeper had accidentally ruined in the washing machine. And the housekeeper says that Vanessa routinely screams and verbally abuses the housekeeper in front of Kobe, the kids, and other people in the home. The housekeeper is suing for $140,000 or so, for mental distress, lost wages, and a whole bunch of other things.
That leads me to wonder if the Bryants are in a happy marriage? And whether Vanessa is a kind and loving wife? Because if she is not, and if these allegations are true this might be the basis of a divorce and custody action down the road. Kobe could allege cruelty and he could call this same housekeeper as a witness. Vanessa ought to be careful.