Aaron Spelling's second wife "divorces" the past and "downsizes" her future

Candy Spelling is only Aaron Spelling’s second wife. His first wife was an actress named Carolyn James whom he married in 1953 and DIVORCED in 1965. Three years later, he married Tori’s mom Candy and they grew filthy rich together to the point that they were able to build one of the most expensive homes in the United States called The Manor which is located in Holmby Hills, California.¬†
Google Trends is reporting that the deceased divorce’s wife has put the property on the block for $150 million – the most ever asked for a single family home in the United States.
I wonder if Aaron’s first wife Carolyn is ever sorry she divorced him? I wonder what her standard of living was post divorce and whether she ever received alimony from Spelling or whether she came out of the marriage with “nothing”?
Spelling’s second wife, by contrast is “downsizing” from her Holmby Hills mansion. She is moving into a $47 million condo in LA. That is a breathtaking amount of money. When you put it in perspective, it is actually $4 million more than Countess Marie David’s entire settlement agreement will come out to, if the court upholds the post nup she signed with her husband, UTC chairman, George David.
The countess definitely could not afford Candy’s condo. And she most certainly can’t afford Candy’s mansion. Who could after all? Oh, maybe the countess’s soon to be ex can buy it just for kicks (assuming Marie doesn’t take him for 50% of his networth) and give it to Wendy Touton as an engagement present.
But he should be sure to make sure the gift is only “constructive.” Sort of the way he said that Marie’s engagement ring was “constructively hers.” That will mean that he keeps title to the manse. Until he is absolutely sure of Wendy’s affections….