PARIS: Liliane Bettencourt Family Feud: Biological daughter vs. "surrogate adoptive son": Does Liliane Bettencourt, world's richest woman need a custodial guardian?

The Liliane Bettencourt Family Feud
Usu. it is the children who require custody and it is the parents who go to battle over who will get custody of the children.
But every now and then, a twist. The children want custody of the parents. And even more rarely, a twist that involves a billionaire who happens to be the richest woman in the world, to wit: Liliane Bettencourt, the L’Oreal heiress who is worth in excess of $15 billion dollars (she lost a few billion with Bernie Madoff).
At issue in this quasi custody case is whether Liliane Bettencourt, 86, requires a guardian to protect her from her “surrogate adoptive son” Francois Marie Banier, 61, to whom Liliane has gifted, in the form of insurance contracts, nearly $1 billion of her $15 billion fortune.
Just for clarification, Francois is not Liliane’s real adopted son. He is a perfect stranger she met, formed a friendship with, and liked enough that for some inexplicable reason, she’s been writing him enormous checks often times in the region of hundreds of millions of dollars at a time.
Liliane, the L’Oreal grande dame, has one biological daughter named Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, 55 and it is Madame Meyers who is challenging these outlandish gifts that her mother had been giving to her putative “son.” It is a case that has practically arrested all of France.
The French paper, Le Journal du Dimanche is evidently reporting that the daughter, Francoise, is seeking some sort of guardianship/custodian over her mother. She wants an independent guardian, though. She is not asking that she be appointed the guardian. Because Francoise’s sense is, that if her mother was mentally competent and in full control of her faculties, she wouldn’t be giving away billions of dollars to some clever striver and fast talking art dealer–who just happens to be homosexual (so you know it’s not that he is doing anything so amazing to her mother that Liliane lost her mind in that sense)–to whom the old lady is giving these ultra extravagant “sponsorships.”
In a situation such as this, should the daughter get a custodian placed on her mother? Or should a rich woman like Liliane be allowed to leave her money to whom ever she pleases–even if a seeming opportunist who is with her just so long as she keeps the money coming?