Was divorce the breaking point for 70s hearthrob Willie Aames?

70’s heartthrob Willia Aames had a garage sale in his Kansas home today, and it is all over the press, poor guy. He is facing foreclosure on the home and is basically unloading all his possessions.
Aames, a popular TV star in the 70’s and 80’s of such shows as The Waltons, Eight is Enough, The Odd Couple and Swiss Family Robinson, and 90’s TV show Charles in Charge, has been down on his luck and going through personal upheavals, including a divorce from his second wife Maylo McCaslin in November of last year. The divorce apparently followed a drug and alcohol addiction which the actor struggled with for years.
Chances are that addiction factored into his divorce, and then of course, the divorce factored into the continued downward spiral and financial fallout.
But we just want to give Willie a shout out and say, “Good Luck” and to remind him that there is life after divorce and there is life after financial disasters and that if he stays focused, he can make his way back.