Can art therapy help divorcees bounce back?

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I read an article somewhere that posited that art therapy can help divorcees who are particularly pained by their divorce and the end of their marriage. I know that sometimes I may seem oblivious about that particular point. I have never experienced divorce. I’ve only experienced break ups which, frankly have left me just as devastated, I think, as any divorce. But maybe I’m naive….
I have always found visits to the museum very soothing, however. And I read an article recently, that art therapy is quite useful in assisting hard-hit divorcees. Is going to the museum art therapy? I am not sure, strictly speaking, what art therapy entails. But I know it hurts. I think making frequent trips to museums and reading up on art (especially from the Renaissance) always feels good.
Speaking of art, I wanted to quickly mention the case in New York involving art dealer Lawrence Salander. He was giving a lot of people art therapy, and he was also allegedly using art to swindle a lot of people too, wealthy folks mostly, including former tennis great John McEnroe and Actor Robert De Niro, amongst others.
I was reading on Times

A high-society art dealer in New York was charged yesterday with stealing $88 million (£61 million) from investors and collectors including tennis star John McEnroe. Lawrence Salander, who ran a gallery New York’s Upper East Side for over 30 years, was arrested at his country home in Millbrook, north of New York. Prosecutors claimed he defrauded 26 victims by stealing artwork or promising them fraudulent investment opportunities.  They said he used the money to support an “extravagant lifestyle, which included travel by private jet within the United States and to Europe, a lavish party for his wife at the Frick Collection [in New York] and [jewelry for his wife] and the purchase and maintenance of his Manhattan townhouse…

That, obviously, is not the type of art therapy I am referring to. I wonder if his wife will have to return the jewelry? They are not getting divorced or anything, but if he is convicted I am sure the jewelry is going to treated as fruits of the poisonous tree…Boy. These “Peck’s Bad Boys!” Always with the wife and the jewelry.
Guys, if you can’t buy jewelry for your wife with “clean” money, don’t buy her jewelry! It always comes down to the jewelry. What’s with the jewelry and these guys?