Gisele Bundchen v. Bridget Moynahan: which woman is the best mom for Tom Brady's son?

Bridget Moynahan better watch out! Not only has Gisele bagged Bridget’s man Tom Brady, but now Gisele is waxing poetic in magazine interviews about how she thinks of Bridget’s son John Edward Moynahan as hers!
See, I think that is slightly inappropriate for Gisele to have said–even if that is how she feels. I think is is more than slightly inappropriate, actually. I think it is very inappropriate. I don’t think she should have said this and these words were allegedly uttered in a Vanity Fair interview. Says Fox News:

“I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child,” she says of John Edward Thomas Moynahan, her husband’s son with the “Sex and the City” star. “I feel it is, 100 percent. I want him to have a great relationship with his mom, because that’s important, but I love him the same way as if he were mine.” Gisele Bundchen in Vanity Fair.

Look, I am all for everybody getting along in these complicated familial constellations that abound. And now that Gisele is married to Tom and will be little John Edward’s step-mother, it is healthy that she likes, cares for, and even loves the little boy. But he. is. not. hers. He has a mother who is alive, who loves him and who deserves that exclusive honor of being his mother. Bridget bore her pregnancy all by herself while Tom and Gisele were off in Paris and jet-setting all over the world like love sick puppies. Bridget bore it alone, the shame, the loneliness, the pain. She bore her son by herself. It is not okay for Gisele to ride in, in all her nude glory and try to usurp Bridget’s thunder in this manner. Bad sportswomanship. Bad.
How dare Gisele act as if he is her son? That is salt in Bridget’s wounds. How can people be so insensitive? How would Gisele feel if the tables were turned? Would she like it for another woman to say “I want him to have a good relationship with his mother but I feel he is mine 100%?” What nerve! Gisele, like any woman, would not like that. Especially under the circumstances of this particular case. That would be for Bridget to say that she wants her son to have a good relationship with his step mother. That is Bridget’s privilege. Come on, Gisele. Be human.
Gisele should not do this. She should know her place. Next she is going to want her husband to bring a custody petition to take the child away from his mother. She is going to lose her mind completely and try to act like she gave birth to this child. This is not her child! He has a mother, Gisele. Respect that. Step back!  He is not your son 100%. He is your step son. It is okay to love him. But don’t. cross. the. line.
This is where bad ideas start to germinate. And next thing you know you are stealing this child from his mother. You are bringing court petitions to say that she is unfit, that you are more fit to have custody of the child. And your husband will play along because you are his wife and he wants to make you happy and he probably slightly resents Bridget (I mean he dumped her while she was pregnant that tells me everything I need to know). But still. It is wrong. It is not right.
Back off, Gisele. This is not right. This is foul. You are a woman. You could have a child with your husband one day. You could get divorced from him too. Then, he could remarry. Then another woman could say that “I want him to have a good relationship with her but I think he is mine 100%” That’s how life is. It gives you karma. Karma is a bitch, they say. How would you feel, Gisele?
You are a beautiful person on the outside. And you had kind words to say about your ex Leonardo DiCaprio and so I realize you are not a mean person. But I also think you are not very sensitive. Give Bridget a bit more respect and regard, Gisele. She is not trivial. She should not be marginalized just because you are more famous and popular and because you “won” the man.  She is John Edward’s mother. Not you. Know your place, Gisele. Know your boundaries.  One day you will have your own child with Tom and you will see that what you are saying is not appropriate. At all. You don’t have the right to say that. Take it back. Apologize to Bridget. This is not good karma, Gisele. Trust me.