Team Gisele "Tom's son is 100% mine!" – Team Bridget "Oh no he's not!" Will they fight for split custody, joint custody or sole custody?

Bridget Moynahan has a fearsome opponent in ex-boyfriend/baby daddy’s new wife Gisele Bundchen. She just doesn’t know it yet. Soon, it is going to hit the airwaves that Gisele and Tom want custody of Bridget’s adorable little son John Edward Moynahan whom Bridget birthed last year while her ex and his soon to be new wife were loving it up all over the globe (well, Tom was present at the birth, but he certainly was MIA during the pregnancy for the most part, I hear.)
Now, as mentioned in a previous post on this divorce blog as well as a bunch of other blogs and news sources, Gisele reportedly tells Vanity Fair “He’s my son, 100%. I feel like he’s mine.  But I think it is important for him to have a relationship with his mother.” Excuse us? How big of the supermodel to say she thinks it is important for this mother to have a relationship with her own son. Bridget must feel so privileged.
Well, we think this thing is just getting started and Bridget needs to watch her back. Because, as it stands, Gisele may have the upper hand given that she is in a “stable” marital situation (a good breeding ground for raising children) and Bridget is a single mother. Bridget needs to understand that as a single mother, she could be in a disadvantaged position to Gisele, and if it came down to a custody battle, Bridget could lose custody if it is shown that ounce for ounce, both she and Tom are equally fit, except that Tom has the edge in that he is in a more stable marital situation and he has the means to provide for the child more comfortably than Bridget does.
Bridget is going to have to be very careful who she selects as a boyfriend going forward so that they can’t use that against her. She is also going to have to think about a work/child rearing balance so that she has enough time to spend quality time with her son. She even has to think about her nanny and make sure that she surrounds herself with loyalists. This looks like it will come down to a team Bridget, team Gisele situation. I am not taking sides. But I am definitely on the side that is “fair” and “right” and “appropriate” whatever that turns out to be.
Split Custody: That means that the child splits his time between Bridget and Gisele, probably less than a 50% split, though. But this is really joint custody. Split custody is when there is more than one child and the court has to determine if it will separate the children and have one child with one parent and the other child with the other parent.
Joint legal/residential Custody: The child spends 50-60% of time with either or both parents (and Gisele) and they both make all decisions jointly about the child’s legal and physical and residential needs; or Bridget and Gisele (aka Tom)  makes the physical determinations about the child’s welfare (they share residential custody), and lets the other parent make the “legal” decisions (such as healthcare, education, etc.); or Bridget or Gisele (aka Tom) makes the legal calls equally but one of them has physical custody (child is with that parent 65% or more of the time). Did I confuse you yet with my mombojombo?
Sole Custody: The child lives primarily with either Bridget or Tom (aka Gisele) and whoever that is, that parent will make all decisions pertaining to the legal and physical needs of the child.
The rate at which Gisele is moving, I think she is going to go for sole custody before the child hits his second birthday. Unless, of course, she and Tom break up. In which case, Bridget can breathe a little bit easier. And that is not to bad-mouth Gisele. But I sense some female competition here. It is beneath the subtext of Gisele’s words. Maybe she isn’t even conscious of it yet. But it is there. And for Bridget, it spells danger. Red Flag. Big Time. The best thing that could happen is that Gisele gets pregnant right away. Then she may not want Tom to pay attention to Bridget’s son. That has its minuses, of course. But it might be a better alternative than if Gisele decides that she is a better mother to little John Edward than Bridget. Know what I mean?