Can Gisele Bundchen get custody of Bridget Moynahan's son John Edward?

How to get custody of your husband’s love child he had with a former girlfriend/current rival in 6 easy steps:
Can Gisele Bundchen steal Bridget’s baby away from her? AKA get custody of him? It’s possible. If she plays her cards smart.Gisele did a nice first step by coming out in public declaring her love for the child, and the fact that she thinks of him as hers, 100%. Any judge will know that the child is in good hands and will be loved and that his best interests will be realized with a step-mom like this who thinks of the boy as her own son. This is very good for Gisele’s prospects.
Second, Gisele is married to the child’s father and seemingly can provide “stability” for the child due to the marriage in and of itself. There is a tradition in this country of viewing marriage as a stable environment suitable for rearing healthy American children in a way that single households traditionally cannot. This is very good for Gisele’s prospects.
Third, Gisele has the means to provide a good and comfortable environment for the child. She is the top earning model in the world right now. Her husband plays for some sports team. Football? I think so. I am thinking Patriots or something. So he makes good money. Together, they have a lot more money than Bridget. So if they got custody, you know the child will have the very creme de la creme of everything; whereas Bridget will depend on child support from Tom and Gisele to provide her son with the best Los Angeles has to offer. It’s been a long time since she has done any new episodes on Sex and the City. Although I think I heard she’s been offered some kind of reality show about being a single mom. But that could just be rumors.
Fourth, Gisele has said she is willing to allow the child to have a relationship with his mother. She has said that she views this as “important.” That is going to go a long way to convincing the judge that Gisele can foster a healthy familial climate in the Brady/Bundchen/Moynahan parental poligot. In other words, the court looks very favorably on the parent who can “encourage” a healthy relationship with the other parent and Gisele has already made clear that she is okay with little John Edward having a relationship with Bridget.
What else? Well, as far as mother’s day is concerned, the parties may have a a bit of a conflict since John Edward obviously has two mothers as Gisele has indicated that she thinks of him as “hers, 100%.” Normally in a custody arrangement, the mother would get mother’s day holidays and the father would get Father’s day holidays with the child– no matter who had physical custody. In the Bundchen/Moynahan situation, there could be some trouble there but I am sure they could alternate the years. Gisele one year, Bridget the next. That could work.
Fifth, even if the child lives with Gisele and Tom (assuming Gisele demands sole custody) they could agree that the married couple gets physical custody but that Bridget should be consulted on all matters pertaining to the child’s school, education, medical care, religious upbringing and extra-curricular activities. Once Gisele indicates she is willing to consult with Bridge on these issues, the court will see she is definitely the best mother for the job of raising little John.
Finally, if Gisele and Tom were to get custody of John Edward, Bridget would also pay them child support. In New York we are governed by the Child Support Standards Act. In LA? I’m not sure. But I am certain there is a similar statute in California. Obviously, Bridget wouldn’t owe Gisele and Tom as much as they would owe her for child support. But she would definitely have to pay something for him. Gigi could be really big about it and waive child support from Bridge. If she does all these things, she can totally have little John free and clear.