Countess Luann de Lessops goes from hitched to ditched: did your divorce come as a shock?

Countess Marie Douglas David (distinguised from Countess Luann de Lessops)  has said that one of the reasons she wants her post nup with hubby George David set aside is that she thought she was in a “loving” marriage and, I guess she signed the postnup under false pretences and duress. So, I guess her divorce came as a surprise? Although, for a couple who served each other divorce petitions 5 times in a 6 year marriage, I don’t know if either one of those two could credibly claim that their divorce came as a shock. Although, who knows? Maybe it did. Maybe neither of them expected it to go as far as it has. Marie has said that her husband liked to serve her divorce papers as a prelude to “crazy sex.” So who knows?
For some couples, though, the divorce filing comes as a complete shock, just as it does for the rest of us looking in. They just didn’t see it coming. It’s like one minute their spouse is telling them how much they love them, how happy they are; and the next minute they are getting served with divorce papers. One person who comes to mind is Countess Luann de Lessops (Real Housewives of New York) who, according to Page Six was “shocked,” “blindsided” and “devastated” when her husband, Count Lessops informed her that he was leaving her for an “Ethiopian woman he met in Geneva.” The couple apparently had a long distance marriage. He lives in Europe and she in New York. But still. She was taken by total surprise and is having a hard time adjusting to this development.
I am trying to think of  other celebrity or newsworthy persons whose divorce came as a shock to them or to the public. Maybe Angelina and Billy Bob? Demi Moore and Bruce Willis? Were either of these couples “shocked” the way the rest of us were?
Realistically, I don’t see how that could happen though, that someone could be “shocked” by a divorce. Two people in an intimate relationship know the truth even if they try to delude themselves and fool others. They know if the relationship is good or if it is sick. They know deep down if it is healthy or toxic.  The divorce can’t possibly come as a shock. Unless maybe, in a long term marriage, the husband gets up one day in the middle of a mid-life crisis and says he’s in love with his best friend’s son or daughter. That could shock the system. Something crazy like that.
But usually, a marriage tends to disintegrate slowly. Over time. And I don’t see how it could honestly come as a “shock” to one of the parties. But maybe I wrong.