FRANCE: Is Sarkozy's marriage on the rocks?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has not been having an easy time lately. The revolutionist-minded French people have been turning Paris into a practical war zone lately on account of the economic downtown.
In most of the French papers, they are saying mean things about Sarkozy. And his mood is not very good lately. Case in Point, he is supposed to be in London as we speak for the G20 summit. All the other countries are trying at least to put on a show of conviviality and cooperation. But Sarkozy is acting like an angry mad man. He has threatened that France will pretty much walk out if Sarkozy doesn’t get his way. Says Reuters:

“I want results,” French president Nicolas Sarkozy told reporters. “We have to get results, there’s no choice, the crisis is too serious to allow us to have a summit for nothing.” shattering any impression of unity, his finance minister warned that Sarkozy would not sign the G20 communique if the summit failed to satisfy his objectives. “(He) was very clear on that front. He said if the deliverables are not there, I won’t sign the communique — that means walking away,” Christine Lagarde said in a TV interview.

Now, it has occurred to me that Sarkozy’s wife, the gorgeous Carla Bruni Sarkozy, has been conspicuously low key lately. She has really been keeping out of sight. And it led me to wonder whether there might be trouble in paradise. They have only been married a bit over a year. She is his third wife. He married her after about 3 months of dating. So you know their relationship has not been tested till now. But with Sarkozy’s people turning on him in droves with this economic crisis, I am sure when he gets home at the end of the day he is probably in a really bad mood. And at some point, he is likely to snap at his wife, if not worse and that is how and when things start to fall apart in a marriage.
I mean, I hope not. Because I like the Sarkozys. But I am just wondering how is that marriage holding up?
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