Is Gisele Bundchen guilty of "parental alienation"?

I’m having hysterics. I can’t stop laughing. My abs are contracting, I’m laughing so hard. My eyes are tearing up….
No. It’s not that parental alienation is funny. PARENTAL ALIENATION IS NOT FUNNY. See previous related Divorce Saloon posts on parental alienation here:
What has me in hysterics? It’s a comment I just read that someone left on our blog overnight about one of our Gisele Bundchen posts. Ahahahahaha… I’m sorry. Forgive me…I shouldn’t be laughing about it. It’s not appropriate to laugh about the things that were said. I mean, it is clear that the woman who left the comment who identified herself as a “lawyer” was off her rocker. I doubt she ever set foot in law school. But the irony is, if she wasn’t so clearly messed up and sick she might even have made an okay lawyer because she had some points.
But when you consider someone leaving a comment on a blog at 3:00 in the morning, and then proceeding with an incomprehensible rant in the manner of a person under the influence of something illegal, and, it’s like, who is this woman? Does she live in Crazy Town or what? and then you multiply her hate speech by her typos, and then just the unbelievable things she was saying, believe me, you’d laugh too. You really would.  Poor woman.
I actually feel bad for laughing. She was probably lonely or just lost her job or something and she is full of hate and envy.  She deserves pity. At one point she wrote: “Gisel [sic] trying to alientated [sic] that babies!” [sic] And I went to pieces at that point, completely to pieces. Because it was clear that if she weren’t so messed up, that she might even be marginally intelligent too. Poor, poor “Anne.” (Sorry I did not publish your comment but we do not publish incomprehensible rants on our blog.)
Anyways. She did get me to thinking about  “parental alienation” in the context of Gisele and Bridget and Tom and John Edward. And let me be clear: I don’t think Gisele has alienated the child from his mother. Yet. But I do think Gisele needs to be careful and more sensitive in this situation. It would be inappropriate for her to continue to give interviews where she says things like she feels the boy is “hers 100%” or that “it doesn’t matter if another woman gave birth to him, I feel like he is my son”…As I said, I don’t think Gisele meant to be mean spirited necessarily and I don’t think this rises to the level of alienation yet.
But it was an insensitive comment and could be indicative of more deep seated issues in that “triumvirate” that need to be nipped in the bud. Gisele doesn’t want to cross over to that line and get herself accused of “alienating” the child’s affections from his biological mother. That would not be good. Such continued public outbursts by Gisele could be used as evidence against her and Tom. And could cause Gisele and Tom to get less time with the boy if Bridget takes umbrage and starts a custody and visitation petition. If Bridget shares custody with Tom, she could ask the court to give her sole custody and ask for supervised visitation for Tom and Gisele. And she might get it. Then Gisele would only be allowed  “supervised” visitation with little John Edward so that the court can be sure that she is not busy alienating his affections from his real mother when nobody is looking….
I’m still giggling. I can be such a little school girl sometimes….sorry.