EGYPT: How to get divorced in Africa

How to get divorced in Africa I say that as if Africa is a country. How to get divorced in Africa. Shame on me. Africa is not a country. It is a continent and there are many different countries and many different laws and many different customs and many different rules and religions and many different ways of getting divorced.
Take for example, Egypt. Egypt, I guess, is a country in Africa that has many people of various religions and customs. One subset of Egyptians called the Copts, a Christian sect, has very unusual divorce laws as they pertain to women. Women can’t get divorced in the Coptic faith. They have to convert to Islam or some other religion, I guess, to get out of their marriages. Coptic women can’t get a divorce.
I found this article about a movie that was made in Egypt that has stirred some controversy in Cairo because the protagonist is a Coptic woman who divorces and proceeds to have an “illicit” affair with another man after her divorce was finalized (it’s illicit because she is divorced). I think it was called One Nil or something like that. And it has drawn outrage among Coptic people because in the movie the Coptic divorcee had an affair after getting a divorce!
Apparently, that is not done in the Coptic community in Egypt. Once a woman divorces (well, a woman is not allowed to divorce that is very heavily frowned upon) but in the rare instance where she can prove adultery and she obtains a divorce, then she certainly can’t ever be with a man again. Here’s an excerpt from BBC:

The film, called One-Nil, tells the story of a Christian woman who is granted a divorce but cannot remarry because of the strict rules of the Egyptian Coptic Church.
The film is the latest in a series of dramatic works which focus on Christian issues and characters.
Starring Elham Shahin and Khaled Abou El Naja, the movie deals with the social circumstances of the Egyptian middle class.
Within its plot and subplots, the film follows the tragic story of the heroine who wants to remarry.
She rejects a solution proposed by her lawyer that would allow her to divorce and get married again – convert to Islam – and instead conducts an illicit affair with the hero played by El Naja.
The rules of the Coptic Church prohibit its members from getting a divorce, with two exceptions: if one party proves adultery by the other or if one of the two parties converts to another religion.
Critics say the film slanders Christian marriage.

So, how to get divorced in Africa? Well, if you are in Egypt, and you are Coptic, you don’t get divorced in Africa. How’s that? Check out the article I was reading by clicking link below. But that is crazy isn’t it? I don’t remember if they said Coptic men can get a divorce. But I am sure they can. But the women cannot. Wild. Really, really, really wild.