G20 Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi calls in the Divorce-busters: can he save his broken marriage?

KEHL, GERMANY: Billionaire Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is known for his ribald sense of humor, among other things. In Italy, some say he continuously embarrasses the country with unspeakable gaffes on the international stage. For example, just today in Germany, he was apparently too busy on his cell phone to take a group picture with the other G20 leaders and to take a moment of silence for fallen soldiers.
He is also accused of being a bit insensitive as a husband. The following are recent comments the prime minister allegedly made:

“Mr Berlusconi caused outrage by saying that although he was considering deploying 30,000 troops to Italy’s cities, there would never be enough soldiers to protect Italy’s many “beautiful girls” from rape.” By Telegraph.co.uk. 
Mr Berlusconi said to a former showgirl and men’s magazine model, Mara Carfagna: “I’d go anywhere with you, even to a desert island. If I weren’t already married, I would marry you straight away.” By Telegraph.co.uk.

Silvio’s wife, the gorgeous Veronica Lario took out a newspaper ad after the latter comment was made and demanded an apology from her husband. And she got one. But then he went out and hired the model as a minister.
What does a woman do with a husband like this? I guess he has his charms even though he is a bit of a “playboy.” But as far as any impending divorce? Well, I am sure his billions act as a bit of a wall against that. But it’s not as if it is impossible that Lario could walk in spite of all she would lose (the money, the power, the fame, the status).
Sure, Italy is largely paternalistic. It is machismo that is off the charts. Italian women are known to put up with a lot of “boys will be boys” behavior and look the other way. Plus, as I intimated, the man is a billionaire. Veronica is not exactly wanting for much.
But there is some speculation that she is running out of patience and that he was talking to her today on his mobile about the state of their marriage–which is why he missed the G20 summit group photo, blah, blah, blah. Who knows? I am sure the world will find out soon enough if a divorce is announced, or if he successfully commissions the divorce-busters.
FYI: here are the G20 countries per WIKIPEDIA: