Guy Ritchie lives is up post-divorce while Madonna gets dissed in Malawi

Guy Ritchie apparently took his divorce lawyers out for a big fest now that everything has been finalized in his divorce from Madonna. He’s obviously feeling good.
The news is not so good for his wife Madonna Ciccone. Madonna is in Malawi trying to gain permission from the High Court to adopt another child, this time a little girl by the name of Mercy James. It all looked like a shoo in, but shockingly, the High Court has voted against the adoption. The judge cited a number of reasons, including the fact that these adoptions can lead to “child trafficking.”
Hme…very inneresting. I mean, I can understand why the judge would say that and on some level, I agree. But in this particular instance, since Madonna already has a child from that community/country, then I think the reason proffered is either late. If that is how they felt about it, then Madonna should not have been allowed to adopt any child from Malawi.
I even think that having allowed her to adopt David Banda, it might be in David’s best interest to have a sibling from the same country, of the same race, with whom he can relate. But their laws are their laws and I guess one has to respect them.
Here in New York, I have a friend who happens to be African American who sought to adopt a child from Russia with her White husband and was immediately turned down just for being African American. She was miffed, but I explained to her that this was their rule. You can’t force them to give you a baby if they want the babies to have parents who “look like them.”
Same in Malawi. For whatever reason, they feel that the adopters should be Malawian. We don’t have to like it. But we have to accept and respect that that is their rule.
I feel bad for Madonna though. She must feel slightly ridiculous. However, I heard she is appealing. So maybe they will change their mind on appeal. If I were her, I’d just get a surrogate and have another baby of my own.